There’s Nothing Quite Like Norway

For me, the only way to describe Norway is “a fairytale”, because that’s exactly how it feels. Though Oslo reminded me of other European cities, as soon as we left for our next destinations, it no longer felt like we on the same planet anymore — it felt like we had entered an alternate universe where mythical beings exist and everything of the imagination is tangible, real.


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Measuring a Year

I always struggle to come to terms with endings, even when they’re welcome. I don’t think anyone would argue that 2016 was a perfect year. When we look back, we will remember Turkey and Nice and Syria. We will remember Brexit and the U.S. election that cultivated tension all across the country. We will remember […]

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A Weekend in Washington DC

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to visit DC. I couldn’t really tell you why — as a bright-eyed eight-year-old, I didn’t really care for politics. Once I wrote a letter to President Bush when he was in office. I received an automated reply in the mail and immediately became jaded. The president […]

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Growing Up in White America

I like to joke that I grew up in the whitest part of America, though sometimes even I’m unsure of how much truth lies in my own words. I once met someone from Chicago who laughed when I told her where I was from. “Do you guys even know what diversity is there?” Then, with a […]

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Florence in Photographs (II)

My favorite thing about photographs is that they let you revisit a moment, a thought, a feeling. My least favorite thing about photographs is that you can never truly relive those snapshot seconds they capture, but they make you want to try to anyway. When I got back from Italy, I uploaded all my photographs onto […]

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The Magic in the Moments

La Mattina Mornings are my favorite smell in Florence. Whiffs of espresso trail me through twisting streets and wake me before I can even taste it. I like to follow sweet aromas into bakeries and entertain small talk with its shopkeepers who smile endearingly as my tongue fumbles over a language still foreign to me. […]

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Florence in Photographs

I’ve never been much of a picture person. I never think to stop and take photos of myself or my friends, and I rarely even take photos of my surroundings. I get too caught up in the experience that I usually don’t even remember my camera until the opportunity is long gone. Luckily for me, […]

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