The Magic in the Moments

La Mattina Mornings are my favorite smell in Florence. Whiffs of espresso trail me through twisting streets and wake me before I can even taste it. I like to follow sweet aromas into bakeries and entertain small talk with its shopkeepers who smile endearingly as my tongue fumbles over a language still foreign to me. […]

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Florence in Photographs

I’ve never been much of a picture person. I never think to stop and take photos of myself or my friends, and I rarely even take photos of my surroundings. I get too caught up in the experience that I usually don’t even remember my camera until the opportunity is long gone. Luckily for me, […]

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Reentering Reality

I spent the past year plagued by dreams that left me feeling restless. They were always about traveling, about planes and taxis and heavy suitcases. Each time, I would be on my way to Italy, the excitement clawing at my stomach as I gathered my belongings and wandered through airports. But each dream, though always […]

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My Body is a Foreign Place

“You always jump when I touch you,” you say, matter-of-fact, as if it’s something I do not realize, as if it is something I have not been conditioned to do. “I don’t understand.” And maybe that’s the problem. I don’t know how to make you. You do not understand because you have never been a […]

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Becoming Ten Again

This weekend, I packed a bag, met up with two of my closest friends, and took a road trip down to Wichita. It wasn’t the top destination on my list of places to go, but we figured, why not? We had a few friends we wanted to visit and we didn’t have anything better to […]

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